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George Newberry
Author of
The Devil's Reign
The Final Warning
The Little Blue Man
"The forces of evil easily influences weak people to live evil lives." - George Newberry

The Devil's Reign

The Devil's Reign is a true story. Statements made by the author in this book have been validated with documentation and verified by this publisher's legal department.


The Final Warning

The Final Warning is a psychological thriller based on a documented true story. Many of the unexplainable supernatural events that occur in this story are based on actual events confirmed by court records and the legal depositions of witnesses.

The Little Blue Man

One person of every race and creed
Was invited by a man,
To join him in a meeting
And bring peace to every land.

With hopes of having peace on Earth
From far and wide they came,
Men of all races, men of all creeds;
Some caring, to some just a game.

George Newberry Receives
The Book Publicist Awards - Hollywood, CA
George Newberry & Irwin Zucker
Randy Delturco & George
Publisher gives new life to author's
controversial tale...

Ontario author George Newberry claims that the idea for
Arnold Schwarzenegger's movie "End of Days" was stolen from a him.

(Walter Rihcard Weis/Staff photographer)
ONTARIO - A local author's book that claims a movie starring California's governor was based on stolen ideas is back in publication.

George Newberry's publisher shelved "The Devil's Reign" a couple of years ago, after he refused to remove several statements about Arnold Schwarzenegger.

But after legal action, the publisher - Indiana-based Author House - determined Newberry has the documentation to back up his claims and agreed to put out an updated version of the 2005 book.

The two finalized a settlement earlier this month.

"Everything that was in (the book) before is still in there," said Newberry, 66, a retired Ontario resident.

In the book, Newberry details what he said are his true experiences, including a series of supernatural events decades ago that convinced him society had fallen under sway of the devil.

Feeling the need to warn others, he first tried to craft a novel, then started working on a screenplay instead in 1991. But after paying $20,000 for questionable rewrites, Newberry's movie idea went nowhere.

Until 1999, that is, when Newberry heard about "End of Days," he said. The film, starring Schwarzenegger, contains enough similarities to suggest it was ripped off from his ideas, Newberry said.

It's that claim, addressed in "The Devil's Reign," that worried his publisher. Newberry said the assertion wasn't an issue until after he traveled to Sacramento in 2005 and hand-delivered a copy of his book to the governor's office.

He believes the Schwarzenegger administration had something to do with getting the book pulled.

"It was on the market for three months without any problems," Newberry said. "The only problem came up after Arnold Schwarzenegger got a copy of it."

An Author House official declined to comment on the claim.

"I'm not saying we were contacted, and I'm not saying we weren't contacted," said Eugene Hopkins, client-services manager at Author House.

After months of working with the publisher's legal department, they determined his statements in the book weren't libelous, Newberry said.

He said the publisher "bent over backwards" and said he was completely satisfied with their handling of the situation. Both Newberry and officials at Author House declined to discuss the specifics of the settlement arrangement.

"We're very pleased that George has got his book out," Hopkins said. "We hope he does well. It'll be a win-win for both of us."

Staff writer Jason Newell can be reached by e-mail at, or by phone at (909) 483-9338.
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George Newberry Bio
George Newberry was born in Missouri and grew up in Illinois. George’s spiritual awakening came at the age of 12, after seeing the film “The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima.” That proved to George that films do have an influence on people’s lives.

At the age of 14, after major surgery, George had a near-death experience. He was told, “You have to go back, you have a destiny to fulfill.”

In 1968, George moved to Southern California. He currently resides in Ontario and Palm Springs. He has two daughters, four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. He owns and operates his own business. He is also a previously published author.

In 1977, George had a dream. When his dream ended, a voice said to him, “Now you have dreamed a story, wake up write it down and do something with it.” That dream sent George on a mission to warn people to fight the forces of evil and to encourage them to get their lives in order with God. If George had known his effort, via a screenplay, was going to place him in the midst of a battle between the forces of good and evil, he would have began his mission with fear and trepidation. But, George withstood all obstacles and fulfilled his mission. He lived the documented true story he was to tell. He wrote this book with hopes that it will inspire people to live better lives.

George is a member of The Thalians, a show business charity organization founded and chaired by Debbie Reynolds and Ruta Lee. He was a member of the Beverly Hills Friar’s Club, a member of the Board of Directors of The Film Welfare League and The Pomona Valley Writer’s Association, and he is Past President of The Film and Performing Artists Foundation.
“When you’re brothers, I’ll come back to see you,
And the same path together we’ll trod.
Then, call me the names you’ve replaced with Old Blue,
Like Allah, Jehovah, or God.”

If you judge or put down other people
Change you’re ways as fast as you can.

For someday you may be condemning someone
Who once was the Little Blue Man.

© George Newberry

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